Throat Mic for Walkie Talkie (Motorola Talkabout)

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Uses Throat Vibration to transmit, cutting off almost all environmental noise.
Flexible Acoustic tube for durability during scuffles & sweat resistant
Transparent ear piece for camouflage.

Test Note: This is for real an actual throat vibration sensor, lift it off your neck and the other fella cannot hear you, thus cutting off ALL environmental noise effectively. Do note you would need to speak up properly and loud enough for your throat to actually vibrate, and for the vibration sensor to pick up your voice and for other person to hear you clearly, Especially true when you do not have a deep voice. Whispering does not actually vibrate your throat, hence the other person won't hear shit. Probably would work great if you are an actual ventriloquist.

Warning: If not sure if it works with your set, please bring it down to the shop to test it out on the spot.

Picture Instructions: HERE

Bulk Pack for Law Enforcement & Military Personnel, no retail packaging, No Warranty, that is why its so cheap. But it will be tested on the spot for you during payment.