Tactical Anti-Heat Half Shorts (Compression) Stealth V2

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Version 2 Upgrade: Seamless Ass Cheek Area, so you dont feel anything when sitting. Shortened thigh area to reflef pressure, whilst still maintaining a short extension to prevent your inner thighs from sticking together. Improved Material and new black stealth stitching as well, as some of you felt the grey was ugly.

Shorts with a seamless crouch area for ultimate smooth comfort! Super stretchability allows lesser restriction for penis expansion and prevents constriction. Anti-Odor material also reduces risks of a crotch infection. (No... it does not mean you do not have to wash it)  Slightly higher than normal and soft velvet matarial waist band protects your hips from being 'eaten' into by your heavy duty belt.

Affordable enough for everyday wear, our special material are designed to be worn under body armor or clothing and to provide anti-heat comfort for a long workday.

Special Features:

  • Quality Spandex Fabric Mix allows full stretch comfort and unrestricted motion.
  • Anti-odor super moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Quick Drying, Washes and dries extremely fast overnight.
  • Soft Calibrated Compression: Holds your skin and muscles in place to reduce excessive movement due to inertia, which reduces fatigue and improves your endurance.
  • Extreme elastic stretchability, it is not overly tight until it causes movement restriction.
  • unisex

Size Chart: Do note for this kind of compression clothing designs, we can only estimate based on your height and weight, chest size not a very accurate measure.

No Exchange, No Warranty... Its underwear.....