Coolnice Silicone Slip on Waterproof Shoe Condom (White)

$7.00 SGD
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As Coolnice Official Singapore Dealer, ALL Coolnice Products sold by Black Tactical Singaprore are GENUINE products. Please do not compare to to the fake cheapo unknown source products. The composition and quality not the same, break already dont say coolnice quality no good, its not the original one. See HERE for the offical Website.

Waterproof your shoes so that your feet dont get pregnant!

The Original High Quality thicker Material that is tear resistant and grips the floor properly! Wont Degrade so easily! but of course realistically its not indestructible...

Great for duty use during Road Blocks in the Rain.

Measure your SHOE heel to toe... not your actual feet:

Size S M L XL
Shoe Length 21~23cm 24~28cm 29~31cm 32~34cm