Black Stealth - Police Duty Belt Padding

$39.00 SGD
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The Black Stealth - Police Duty Belt Padding was designed to provide a more comfortable waist ride for the heavy SPF belt but yet not interfering with the existing equipment already mounted on the belt.

  • Made using durable abrasion resistant material that should last you until you ord, give birth to children and maybe pass to them to use.
  • NEW Generation Nylon Raised padding (like the kind you see on those expensive motor bike seats) Allows max breatheability so it does not trap heat and allows a cushioning effect from your heavy stuff on the belt.
  • This NEW type of material also reduces a lot of weight, so its a insignificant MAX 235g added to your waist based on the largest XL Size belt!
  • Male type velcro on the external of the padded belt to hold the Duty Belt. IF Somehow your duty belt is also Male Velcro, you need to get a Dual Sided Female Velcro Adapter or just use it as it is with the retaining straps.
  • Most customers who bought this feedback that because this is so much more comfortable / shape conforming / hugging, the velcro inner belt may not be needed anymore as the duty belt doesnt slide / shift. Which means you can now use any other more comfortable elastic pants belt like THIS or wear no belt at all for better comfort on the hip.

Can be used with the Black Stealth Velcro Inner Belt HERE

Please note this is the length of the Padding, NOT your waist size, please remember to account for your pants and inner belt if any:
M (29")
L (33")
XL (39")