MiniWell - Personal Outdoor Water Filter Pump (L610)

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$59.00 SGD each

Miniwell L610 portable water filter enables users to drink clean great-tasting water from renewable natural fresh water sources. It is effective against bacteria (Salmonella, Cholera, E coli, etc), protozoa cysts, and virus, also removes residual chlorine, unpleasant taste, odor and color. Miniwell portable water filter is ideal for hiking & camping, travel, emergency preparedness and survival. Because L610 is portable and lightweight, it is also great for travelers who do not want to rely on the quality of local water.

Smallest Filter Pore Size 0.01micron
Removes 99.9% Waterborne Bacteria and even Viruses.
Removes 99% Cadmium, Lead, Mercury (Heavy Metal).
Superior Filtration Capability: 1000 Litres.
Enhanced Reduction of Chlorine taste, Unpleasant Taste, Odor and Color.
Retains Beneficial Minerals in the Water.
Filter cartridges replaceable
Certified by FDA CE SGS
Shelf Life: 5 years(After Initial Wetting: 3 years)

3 stages filtration process of miniwell L610 mechanically filters fresh running water to great tasting water. It does not require chemicals, electro power or UV light to operate.