MiniWell - Backpacking Water Filter V2 (L605)

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Weighing just 3 ounces/85g, this lightweight backpacking water filter from Miniwell is a well-suited pick to include in an emergency kit.

It has a triple filtration system (Carbon filter, UF membrane, and PP Screen) that is effective at removing sediments, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, and microplastics from any body of water.

The Carbon filter removes chlorine and heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and improves the taste of the water.

Its versatile design allows for many configuration options. You can use it as a straw (just stick the end into any source of water and start sipping), attach disposable bottles or collapsible bottles, set up a simple DIY gravity filtration system, etc.

Each filter provides 265 gallons (1000 liters) of clean drinking water with proper use and maintenance. Replacement filters are available.

The Miniwell L605 backpacking water filter is a great companion for every adventure.

Contents: 1 x Miniwell L605 backpacking water filter


Q: How often do I need to backwash the system?

A: It depends on the quality of the water source.

When you feel the flow rate slowing down, backwashing can improve it.

Note: To extend the filter’s life, always use the best quality water source you can access.

If the raw water is cloudy, wait for the sediment to settle until it appears clear,

and then filter the water above the sediment.

If the flow rate is still slow after backflushing and you need to filter water urgently,

please remove the PP Screen and Carbon filter.

Using only the UF filter can speed up the flow rate. Although water taste can’t be

improved without a Carbon filter, the UF filter ensures essential safety.


Q: Can I use water filtered from the system itself to backwash the filter?

A: Yes. Filtered water can be used to backwash. Collect filtered water in a clean

disposable bottle. Squeeze it into the filter from the water outlet.


Q: How do I know its time to replace the filter?

A: First, if the water flow rate is still slow after backflushing, you can replace the PP Screen.

Second, if you feel the unpleasant odor can’t be removed by the Carbon filter, you can

replace the Carbon filter. Finally, if you backflush the filter a couple of times

and the water flow rate is still very slow, it’s time to replace the UF filter.


Q: Does it filter salt water?

A: No. Miniwell filters can’t be used for salt water. The Miniwell L605

filter’s pore size on the membrane is 0.1 microns. Dissolved salts pass through a

0.1 micron membrane. That also means that the L605 backpacking water filter

keeps beneficial minerals from natural fresh water sources in filtered water.