MgBOX Magnesium Air Battery

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Emergency Fuel Cell Battery - MgBOX | Portable and Lightweight

The MgBOX is a small and portable emergency magnesium (Mg) air battery developed by Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. of Japan. The battery is activated and begins generating electricity after fresh or salt water is added.

The MgBOX can be stored for long periods and is activated by simply adding fresh or salt water. Once activated, an MgBOX will provide a source of electricity for up to five days via a USB adaptor box or hub. Devices that can be connected to the USB adaptor box include small lights, mobile phones and smartphones. The USB adaptor box is included inside the MgBOX and can also be used to recharge small portable devices multiple times.


MgBOX Specifications
Power generation time 5 days (maximum) 
Rating 300 Wh
Dimensions 233 x 226 x 226 mm (W x D x H)
Weight About 1.6 kg (before filling) 3.6 kg (after filling)
Adaptor USB box/hub with 2 output ports
Output Voltage DC 5V
Maximum current 1.2A per USB port