M19A1 Ammo Box .30 Cal

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.30 Cal NEW Metal Original Military M19A1 Ammo Can - New Condition. Military Ammo Can. 200 Cartridges, 7.62 MM, M13 CARTONS, 1 - M62-4, M80, LC-12H693S818 Printed On Front Of Ammo Can. GSA Compliant. Dimensions: 10.25" x 6.5" x 3.5"

Small Arms Box Was Introduced To Replace The WWII Era M1 / M1A1 .30 Caliber Ammunition Box. Like Its Predecessor, The M19 / M19A1 Can Has Been Used Not Only For Belts Of .30-06 Machine Gun Ammunition, But For Many Other Small Arms Cartridges Including The Nato 7.62mm Rounds That Superseded The .30-06 Rounds.

The M19 / M19A1 Ammunition Box Is Used For Many Combinations Of Cartridges And Packaging, Primarily 7.62mm And .30-06 Rifle And Machine Gun Ammunition, But Packed In Belts, Clips In Bandoleers, Bulk, Cartons Or Other Combinations.

Construction details of the M19A1 .30 Cal New Metal Military Ammo Can / Box:

  • Steel material, Seam Welded
  • Latch, Hinge, Handle Spot Welded To Body
  • Olive Drab Color Can w/ Yellow Writing On Side
  • End-Opening Lid w/ Quick Release Hinge
  • Quick Release Latch
  • Rubber Gasket Under Lid Makes Near Waterproof Seal When Latched Closed
  • Flat Sides And Lid
  • Metal Bar Handle Attached To The Lid By Rectangular Wire Loops So It Can Fold Flat For Stacking Or Lift Up For Easy Carry
  • Lid Skirts Protect Contents When Lid Is Partially Opened
  • Made To Withstand Rugged Use
  • Brand New Ammo Can