Krucible Sabers - Nycht RGB Combat Lightsaber

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Premium heavier grade combat-ready stunt lightsaber for practice and sparring.

Anodized and lathed exterior
Angled emitter with window design
Ribbed hilt with choke hold for easier wielding and flourishing
Modular removable metal sleeve

Hilt Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Blade Material: Crack Resistant Poly Carbonate - Thin Wall (Riot Shield Material)
Full Length: 104cm
Blade Length: 80cm
Blade Diameter: 25mm / 1"
Hilt Length: 33cm
Hilt Diameter: 3.5cm
Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery (removable)
Sound fonts: 5 sets

RGB (11 colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, jade green, cool white, magenta and pink)

Includes clash effects, different pulsing modes and vibration.

Comes with a 1.5m 5V1A charging cable, allen key and manual.

Please charge only with maximum 5V1A to prevent short-circuiting.

Please also refrain from opening or dismantling the hilt.