Kitz Conqest - The Military's Ultimate Solution (60ml) -
Kitz Conqest - The Military's Ultimate Solution (60ml) -

Kitz Conquest - The Military's Ultimate Solution (60ml)

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The Ultimate Firearms And Artillery Cleaning Solution
Kitz Conquest is a unique and highly versatile multi- purpose cleaner that has been specifically developed to meet the demands of today's modern servicemen. Its powerful decarbonizing and cleaning properties render it an essential aid for the maintenance and cleaning of weapons and equipment, keeping them free from residual deposits and corrosion.

Kitz Conquest For Weapons And Equipment:
Residual deposits which accumulate in firearms after firing (particularly automatic weapons) is the main cause of mechanical failure or stoppage. Nevertheless, stoppages are bound to occur when continuous rounds of ammunition are fired. The problem is further aggravated by poor weather conditions or in high humidity environments. In combat situations a well-serviced and clean weapon is crucial to the serviceman's survival. Stoppages can, and in the past have proven to be fatal occurrences.

Kitz Conquest features a 'Trimulsion' base which cleans more effectively than oil-based cleaners because of its extremely low viscosity which facilitates instant penetration, dislodgement and superior flushing of carbon deposits from spent ammunition.

Rust Inhibition:
Treats rust with a revolutionary 'Trimulsion' system by a synergistic effect of the chemical combination in which the medium that facilitates deep penetration of rusted areas evaporates, an oil-textured protective film coats the metal surface to inhibit further rusting.


Non-Toxic Removes parasites
Non-Caustic Antiseptic
Non-Flammable Treatment of athlete's foot - 'Tinea Pedis'
Germicidal Harmless to skin
Fungicidal Biodegradable
Inhibits Rust Indefinite shelf-life
Instant Decarbonizing Prevents weapon stoppages
Instant Degreasing Repels insects like mosquitoes

Main Active Ingredients:
Botanical Extracts (castor seed, citrus peel, ,cotton seed, D-limonene, neem seed, rice husk, pinus palustris), 12-hydroxyoleic acid, polyethylene glycol, sodium metasilicate.