Ghostek - Atomic Slim2 (Samsung Galaxy S10)

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Shock and scratch-resistant case for your Galaxy S10

With your phone sealed in, the Atomic Slim equips your Samsung Galaxy S10 with some of the toughest protection around. Battling shocks, scrapes, drops and scratches, the AtomicSlim2 case from Ghostek is truly ready for an adventure, making it the perfect case for any outdoor enthusiast and for those who want to safeguard their precious Samsung Galaxy S10 from the rigors and strains of day-to-day life.

Hybrid dual-layer construction

The Atomic Slim2 case protects your Samsung Galaxy S10 while complimenting its sleek aesthetics. The Atomic case perfectly compliments your phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way the phone manufacturer originally intended as well as providing tough, rugged full-body protection.

Slim and sleek design

Thanks to Ghostek you'll no longer need to compromise on whether to get a protective case or a nice thin case. With the Atomic you can have both thanks to the case clear and scratch resistant backed design that combines perfectly with the slim layers, which makes for a fantastic looking case that still provides excellent all round protection.

Port cover protects and provides quick access 

The charging port within the Atomic tough waterproof case is protected by a silicon plug that keeps out unwanted dust, grit, and water whilst still providing accessibility in an instant.