Ferdelance Dart Heads (V3)(100pcs)

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$3.00 SGD each

FDL Dart Heads for making "stefan" darts

100 pcs each pack

Just cut the FDL V3 length darts in half, measuring 3cm long.
Then glue the head with the other half, and Now have 2 darts ! 

Tested to work best with the Ferdelance V3 Darts that uses a high quality and density foam, its weight, density, size and shape calabraited to give you the best performance for that particular foam, do note that cheaper grades of foam do not work as well. LINK

Band New out of the box, the ferdelance is thicker and stiffer than others, excellent durability and accuracy for flywheels and streamline Blasters. When converting it to Stefans for Blasters like the Jetblaster Xzeus, roll it on the table with your fingers to prematurely age and soften it, making it fit and seal with the Xzeus barrel perfectly, thus the older it gets, the better it becomes. compared to other Brands of darts that are already smaller, when they age they become smaller than the barrel thus leaving the barrel erratic with a lower Velocity.