Cytac - CY-WTH Walkie Talkie Holder

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Cytac® walkie talkie holder is tension adjustble to fit multple walkie talkies.

Brand: CYTAC
Product Name: Walkie Talkie Holder
Item No.: CY-WTH
Cap Material: Military-grade Polymer
Color: Black
Holder capacity: Maximum - 6.3L*2.36W*1.97D in / 160L*60W*50D mm; Minimum - 6.3L*2.36W*1.38D in / 160L*60W*35D mm

· Durable & Easy to Maintain
Cytac walkie talkie is creatively produced of strong polymer to provide firm protection and safe carry. It's durable for long-time use, easy to clean with wet cloth or water, and not easily deformed.

· Tool-free Ajustment
Easily complete tension adjustment with 2 front screws.

· Multiple Carrying Attachemnts

Mulitple carrying attachements are available, including paddle, belt loop, belt clip, MOLLE attacment, low ride belt loop, drop leg platform, and shoulder harness.
· Law Enforcement | Tactical | EDC | Outdoor

Suitable for law enforcement, tactical or outdoor activities like camping, hiking, climbing, and etc