CGI - Super Task Light TK203

$100.00 SGD $0.00 SGD

Super small and lightweight with built in USB Charged lithium polymer battery 

Super 2000 Lumen front Dual Neutural White LED (Reduces eye strain and good for outdoor) throw light for long range

Super flood light 1000lu side light for area task work, available in Neutural White LED Or Red Tactical Night Vision Preservation mode.

Battery indicator so you know how much battery you have left

Lights are all INDEPENDANTLY controlled via the 2 buttons with memory function, so you dont accidenly turn on the overkill light when you are supposed to be in tactical movement mode.

Heavy duty REMOVABLE steel clip can be used as a pocket clip or a cap clip as a head light

Strong Magnetic mountable

Threaded for tripod mounting

Comes with helmet mounting