CGI Engineering - iLite 4 Keychain Flashlight

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Beacon Adapter

The world smallest AAA key-chain light using the latest circuitry technology. Overkill brightness and efficiency! Clip can be reversed to be used on baseball caps as headlights!

iLite V4: Anti roll, 2 point reversible clip, Stainless Steel Clip, Stainless Steel Crown.

LED: Made in Japan LED Technology
Battery Type: 1x AAA Battery
4 Mode Output: Low, Medium, High, Strobe 
(Normal AAA) 10lu @ 50hrs, 50lu @ 4hrs, 200 lu @ 55 Mins
Length: 90mm
Diameter: 14mm
Weight: 9g

*New Version have stronger clips and lower profile clip

Able to add in optional cone to turn it into a light stick! 
Convert your iLite into a lamp or beacon
Made of Bullet Proof Polycarbonate Material
Submersible Waterproof up to 100m
Can be used to store small items up to AA battery size when not in use.