Black Stealth - Helmet Padding for SAF Helmet (GEN 2)

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SAF MINDEF NSN: 99991100074398

GEN 2 Update: Based on General Feedback, we have upgraded the new padding with MORE memory foam and less shock absorbing foam for improved fit and comfort. Will be less wobbly in your head and more stable when running.

Custom Made Multi Layer pads with Membrane Seal! Replaces your original cannot make it uncomfortable straps with this panel that spreads out the pressure points on your head. More cooling and breathable, like a pillow on your head!

1st Layer = Breathable wicking Microfibre flannel
2nd Layer = Waterproof Membrane that breathes
3rd Layer = NEW Thicker Memory Foam that conforms to head and spreads out the pressure points evenly (GEN 2 UPGRADE)
4th Layer = Shock Absorbing Foam, so if someone whack you on the head the vibration and impact is absorbed away.

Easy to remove velcro and wash and dry! Spray your own deodorant to maintain the material anti bactrial properties.

Comes with Highest Quality 3M Innovation Velcro.

You can use your original SAF Helmet Strap, Optional Softer Replacement Straps also available: LINK