Aureus Alpha - Heavy Duty Metal Magazine (V2)(NERF FULL LENGTH)

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Version 2.0: Its the same high quality build, now mass produced cheaper!

After intensive R&D, presents the Aureus Alpha, "The Golden One". A Limited Edition Custom Made Metal Magazine Machined to fit Standard NERF Sockets for Professional NERFers.


  • Arseholes stepping on your plastic mags and breaking them
  • Standard 6 Round Mags too little ammo
  • Extended 18 Round Mags are too long and cannot fit any known pouches and cumbersome to handle


  • Metal Machined Body for Crush Resistance
  • Fits 12 Standard NERF Streamline or Ferdelance Darts
  • Fits All Standard STANAG M4/M16 or AK47 7.62 Magazine Pouches.
  • Orange/Gold Safety Colour to conform to most country's import laws.
  • 100% Anodized inside and out to protect against wear resistance and alu oxidization.
  • Metal Breach modified guns will benefit from more precise engineering with little or NO movement play when loaded in the magazine well. Allowing more efficient and precise round Feeding & Chambering and thus more accuracy.