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This bag was invented for items with embedded ID chips and all types of mobile devices including, but not limited to, Smartphones, tablets and the popular iPad. When the item is placed in the SHIELDSAK and sealed, the item and the file contents of the item become invisible. All signals are blocked from entering or leaking from the bag. Phones will not ring. Items with ID chips i.e.: passports, credit cards, cannot be scanned. Vital information is secure. And tracking is impossible. The iPhone has a tracking device that cannot currently be turned off. Once placed inside of the SHIELDSAK, your personal information is guarded and your identity is protected from being read, scanned, hacked or intercepted by skimming devices. As of October 2006, the latest U.S. Passports have been implemented with Radio Frequency Identification Transponders that house all of your personal information. Weak passport security directly relates to possible personal data and identity theft as well as terrorist and criminal attacks against U.S. citizens. An increasing number of credit cards also contain similar technology. Shielding your personal information is paramount for your personal protection.

Outer Dimensions: 4.5” x 7”