Krucible Sabers - Eversus RGB Combat Lightsaber

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Premium heavier grade combat-ready stunt lightsaber for practice and sparring.

Anodized and lathed exterior
Crown angled pronged bulb emitter
Spiral ribbed hilt with choke hold for easier wielding and flourishing

Hilt Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Blade Material: Crack Resistant Poly Carbonate - Thin Wall (Riot Shield Material)
Full Length: 101cm
Blade Length: 80cm
Blade Diameter: 25mm / 1"
Hilt Length: 31cm
Hilt Diameter: 3.5cm
Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery (removable)
Sound fonts: 5 sets

RGB (11 colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, jade green, cool white, magenta and pink)

Includes clash effects, different pulsing modes and vibration.

Comes with a 1.5m 5V1A charging cable, allen key and manual.

Please charge only with maximum 5V1A to prevent short-circuiting.

Please also refrain from opening or dismantling the hilt.